Anti Bacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cord Pack – Wipe Clean – Cord Only – 100m

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Anti Bacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cord

Available in Red / Orange / White
Anti Bacterial / Anti Ligature
100 Metre Cord only Pack

The Anti bacterial Pull cord can be used with standard cleaning products or disinfectants and the inbuilt protection provides protection 24hrs a day from bugs such as E.coli and MRSA.

Anti ligature is used where there is a danger that people may cause harm to themselves. The Anti ligature Clean Pull Cord is tapered through the length of the Pull Cord, and has been tested on a tensile gauge to snap when pulled with force greater than 7.25kg +-10%.

The Anti Bacterial Pull Cord has the appearance and characteristics of a standard pull cord and can be easily retrofitted using the components already present.

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