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Nursecall 800 Nurse Call Sensor Mats, helping you in fall management and preventing trips and falls. Alerting staff members when a patient or resident vacates their position. It alerts carers so that they may respond quickly to prevent falls.  Full range of nurse call parts & bits available, including, Chair, Bed & Floor Sensor Mats…

Nursecall Mats are your No.1 one stop shop for all your nurse call accessories requirements. We have a huge range available from leading manufacturers of nurse call systems. From Pressure Mats, Sensor Mats, Call Lead & Pear Push Buttons.

The bed and chair exit alarm monitors alert a carer when a person gets up out of their chair or gets out of bed. These bed sensor monitors and chair sensor monitors are especially useful when monitoring elderly patients who are prone to wandering, or those at risk of falls.

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