Antibacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cords

Antibacterial Pull Cords Set with Red Triangles

Antibacterial & Anti Ligature Pull Cords are used in places such as Hospitals, Nursing & Care Homes, Healthcare Environments & Surgeries.

Used as an Emergency Alarm Pull Cords, Light Pull Switches, Nurse Call Pull Switches and more, these are an ideal replacement to comply with infection control.

  • Wipeable
  • Will never discolour
  • Prevents bacterial growth for life
  • Available in Anti Ligature
  • Available in Red, Orange & White.

Why use a Antibacterial Pull Cord?

Standard pull cords can support the growth of dangerous bacteria and are difficult to clean.

The Antibacterial PullCord has a non PVC polymer coating with a built in Antimicrobial Technology which means it can be wiped over, will never discolour through use and will be the last PullCord you will ever need to buy.


Anti ligature Pull Cord

Anti ligature is used where there is a danger that people may cause harm to themselves. The Anti-ligature Pull Cord is tapered through the length of the Pull Cord, and has been tested on a tensile gauge to snap when pulled with a force greater than 7.25kg +/-10%. Our testing has established that the breaking strain is sufficient for the cord to function as a Pull Cord yet reduces the risk of it being used as a ligature. This makes it suitable for situations where there is a risk of the Pull Cord being used as a means of violence or strangulation. 

By the very nature of the product, the Anti-ligature Pull Cord is less durable than our standard Antibacterial Pull Cords. 

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