Coming out of Hospital into Care

Coming Out of Hospital

A lot of Elderly Patients that are coming out of Hospital back into Care, often require additional help to assist nursing and care staff.

The most popular product for this is our Bed Sensor Mat and Floor Sensor Mat.

The Bed Sensor Mat Kit will sound an audible alarm when the Patient gets up or out of the bed.  This is a great way for Carers and Nurses to be alerted when a High Risk Patient is in the need of extra help.

The Floor Sensor Mat Kit works in a similar way, however it is when the Patient get out of bed and Steps onto the Mat, the Alarm then sounds.  These can also be put in near door exits, alerting you when Elderly Patients are on the move.

These Kits are supplied with an Alarm Monitor Box and have the option of extension cables, allowing you to put the monitor outside of the room, or in another room.

These can also be linked into the Alarm Systems in most Care and Nursing Homes.

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