Fall Prevention & Wander Management

Fall Prevention - Alerta

Falls and the consequences of falls can significantly impact a person’s wellbeing, mobility and confidence. Falls are a major and growing concern for older people, their families and
carers as well as health and social care providers.

Older people living in care homes are three times more likely to fall than older people living in their own homes, with the results of these falls often being more serious. Many factors can contribute to this heightened risk, such as physical frailty, the presence of long term conditions, physical inactivity, taking multiple medications and the unfamiliarity of new surroundings. However, in many cases taking the right steps at the right time can actively support an individual and reduce the risk of falls and harm from falls which can include fractures and serious injury.

Care homes have a duty of care in recognising their responsibility to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risks of falls and serious injury. A wandering resident is at more risk of falling and carers need to be alerted as early as possible to enable the person to be returned to a safe area. At risk persons can be easily monitored with the use of a sensor mat connected to the existing nurse call system which allows the activation of the main alarm when someone attempts to leave their chair or bed. Carers are alerted and can immediately attend the area where the patient is ensuring they are kept safe. – www.nursecallmats.co.uk